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FREE U.S Shipping on orders over $75


Our Scents

American Classic Beard Company Signature Scents.  Find something you like, just click the name and you will be taken to all products in that collection!


Effie-  Calming lavender and bright clementine citrus

Nightwaves- Fresh sea moss, citrus, water mint, vetiver and a cool cologne essence 

The Gentleman- Oud, Amber and a bright Irish cologne

Ride The Lightning- Leather, Egyptian musk with a crisp cologne vibe

Mad Decade-  Classic old school barbershop  with a touch of pipe smoke and leather

Sharp Dressed Man- Apple and Egyptian Vanilla smashed into a cologne only a sharp dress man would wear. 

Pipe Dreams- Multiple tobacco blend with brown sugar and a hint of elegance. 

The Legend- The Legendary tribute to Cheerwine Cola, a blend of dark cherry and cola.